In Loving Memory of Nick Serna

Nick Serna

Oct 7, 1988 - Jan 29, 2005

To Our Sweet Angel "Nick"  May the light of your Life forever shine in our hearts....  xoxo  

Our Son

Nick played a game called "The Choking Game".  The kids choke themselves until they pass out and get a euphoric feeling as they come too.  Nick played it on his own and something went wrong with his escape plan and he asphyxiated himself.  We were able to give him CPR... however he never came too and his brain would not stop swelling.  The lack of oxygen damaged all of his organs. Even if they could have stopped the swelling he would have still been a vegetable and would have had to live on life support forever.  Two days in we let him go home to be with our maker,

Jesus Christ. 

NO ONE should bury a child...  please visit this site to educate yourself and your kids on the DANGERS of this horrible game.

Click here GASP  Also visit the "Choking Game" page on this site. 

Life is full of decisions.... kids need good information to make GOOD Decisions.   To all the kids out there... remember that the decisions you make for yourself don't just affect you.....

Please remember all of those that love YOU! 


"A Special Doorway to Heaven"

There is a special doorway to Heaven. A young man stands there. He surveys all that God has created, the universe and beyond. He gazes toward earth and says a simple prayer for his mother and family. Jesus calls to him and says, Need not grieve for your family, they are well. The Father has special work for you to do and it includes those of earth whom are so special to you. You are needed here. In time they will see you again and all will be as one. This I promise. The young man turns to Jesus and says, I miss them and they me. My heart wishes to fly through the stars to comfort my mother. Jesus replies, There is no love stronger than the love that was created the day of your earthly birth. That love will last for all eternity. It is a part of your mother and all who's lives you touched. A breath from your mouth she will feel on her cheek. A touch from you she will feel in her heart. Your face with a smile is forever burned into her memory. This will always be. Your words, "I love You" she will always hear. The young man smiles at Jesus. they walk arm in arm away from the portal of youth.
This doorway is for those whose lives were cut short for the only reason that Our Lord needed them to come home early. Special duties await him, a special task that he will be better able to perform from heaven. His love for his mother is endless. As your broken heart mends you will begin to see that he never left your side. Your shadow no longer is yours, it is him. A gentle breeze that lifts your heart is him.