Nicholas Serna

Nick's Story

Nick's 16 years... Oh how sweet.... Oh so short.....

Born Oct 7th 1988

Entered the Kingdom of God January 29th 2005


 Nick was born in Mesa, Arizona on October 7, 1988.  He was a big boy from the beginning at a whopping 8lbs 7oz.  Mom, Dad and Grandma Small were in the room with him for his GRAND ENTRANCE..  He started his life living with Mom and Dad in the Chandler/Gilbert area.. He was a cute and happy baby from the beginning.  He spent allot of time in his early years with his cousins Andrew and Eli and his buddy Cody... He was baptized at Resurrection Church with his Godparents Mike Willard and Kristie Armer.  When Nick was three Mom and Dad split and Nick and Mom moved to an apartment in Chandler.  Our family survived this tragedy and we all stayed close together. At age 5, Nick and Mom moved to the Westside of town and Nick started school in Peoria.  He was a good student and had a BIG crush on his Kindergarten teacher.. :)  Nick's Mom remarried when Nick was 7 and when Nick was 8 he became the proud brother of his twin sisters Melissa and Melinda.  They were 3 months early and needed allot of care..  Nick was the BEST BIG BROTHER they could have asked for....   He helped with everything.... feeding, holding, changing diapers, bathtime, and all the other chores in the house.  In the third grade Nick started attending a private school...  He was a good student and became a top player on the Chess Team..  I would have never guessed him to be a chess player.. but you have to be a quick thinker and that he was.  Nick's Dad got re-married in 1999 and Nick was the proudest kid ever! All you have to do is look at the pictures and you can see how proud he was to be Rene's son!  He spent allot of time with his Dad and Step Mom (Kathy) and had sooooo much fun watching the Maimi Dolphins, NASCAR, going camping, and working with his Dad. His family was huge and EVERYONE loved Nick cause he was a fun, loveable, happy, caring kid... He was always a great big brother ...  however he enjoyed getting away to spend time with his cousins Andrew and Kassie...  Nick spent allot of time with them and enjoyed it all!!  Andrew was his Idle and Nick will always be his biggest fan...  He also spent allot of time with Eli and Madison..  Eli is 3 months older than Nick and they grew up together!!  They loved to both go to Grandma and Hoppa's house to spend the weekend.... They would drive them crazy staying up late and laughing all night...  They loved to go shopping with Grandma because she is a pushover...   lol  and they loved to hang out together. We moved to this neighborhood when Nick was entering the 8th grade..and his sisters were starting Kindergarten...  It was cool he was able to ride the bus with them to school everyday and teach them how to take care of themselves and be their protector...  During this year he became friends with Jessie Calus.  They ended up going to different High Schools.. however they remained close friends.  Nick loved to hang out with Jessie...  They spent most of their time at Jessie's house..  His family adopted Nick and he adopted them as family.  He and Jessie would keep each other going to youth group together and service on Sunday nights.  They also spent allot of time playing X-Box, bowling, going to movies, eating Bill's big dinners, hanging out at Mike's house and looking for Hottie's....  They went to summer camp in July of 2004 and they got baptized together.  ( That is sooo cool!!)  They also went on the Mexico Mission together with the church in November.. That was Nick's favorite and he could hardly wait to go again...  
He loved his High School and all his friends and teachers at Sandra Day O'Connor.  He played football during his freshman year #94.!!!!  and really enjoyed being part of the team. He was an Offensive Lineman and was hoping to be a Linebacker next year.  He was working out this year to try out for the next season.  He was always challenging us with the homework thing... However he loved school and never missed it.  He liked to hang out with his friends before class, at lunch, and after school...  and like most teenagers go the movies and or bowling on the weekends..  He had allot of GREAT friends at school and some have shared allot of "tales" with us in his Guestbook...  I hope everyone who knew him will do the same so we can all smile about the fun memories we shared.
My sweet son of 16 was busy trying to figure out life...   He was a good driver and liked to drive me anywhere...  He wanted to work at Walgreen's or Subway this summer to make some MONEY!!!  He was a good worker and would have been a great employee... He was always a happy and vibrant boy. His passing happened all to sudden and quick.. We all miss him more than words can express..